Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple

To see as many Autism families as possible… THRIVE.

We are the Jetsels and we are part of a growing movement of parents with kids on the Autism spectrum that you’ve probably never even heard of before.

We don’t have degrees, we don’t work off theory and conjecture.

BUT, we have something the doctor’s, therapists and psychologists DON’T have.

We have a very deep understanding of what we are facing, we have real-life experience and we have the most important thing of all…

WE HAVE A LOVE for our kids that can’t be duplicated.

Because we are fighting against a slow moving society and a health industry that is even SLOWER to understand the needs of our Autism community, we have to do things differently… we have to be smarter.

We don’t have the time to theorize. The tactics and approach we take HAS to work because it’s OUR KIDS and OUR FAMILIES that will suffer if it doesn’t.

We have to know WHAT actions to take and WHEN so we can THRIVE immediately.

So how do we do that? How is it even possible?

Some people say it “can’t be done.” It’s impossible. But it’s already happening – RIGHT NOW – through what we call, Thrive In Chaos.”

But it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a WHOLE NEW WAY of thinking… and doing.

We’re using the “Thrive In Chaos” program to give Autism families a WHOLE NEW… BETTER life. The life you dreamed of; the life you deserve; the life your family deserves; the life YOUR CHILDREN ON THE SPECTRUM deserve.

We are “THRIVE IN CHAOS” and THIS is what we do.