Do You Qualify?

We’ve DONE IT! And we want “lowered stress” FOR YOUR FAMILY, too.

We’ve learned how to lower stress AS we raise our two sons on the autism spectrum (we have 6 kids total) and it’s allowed us to start to really “Thrive In Chaos.”

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My name is Kyle Jetsel and we do something unique for families “Battling Autism Stress” in that we show them how to “win the battle” and lower stress in their homes.

We do that through online training, books, seminars and one-on-one coaching.

If YOU and YOUR FAMILY are ready and committed you’re gonna want to check out our “Insiders Video Club.”

Now, we know you’d expect us to “say great things” about what we do.  That’s why we’re going to let others families do the talking for us.

Here’s what THEY had to say after getting started with our “Insiders Video Club” – some after only one week. Some are kind of long, but they were excited so be patient with them. (Some names were removed at the parents request to protect their children.)

And these are just a FEW of testimonials we’re hearing from all sizes and shapes of families with all kinds of different diagnosis.

What Do You Get?

So, want to know what “YOU GET” when you become an “Insider?” We’re glad you asked.

First you get two (2) 70 minute audio programs to download on mp3.

“Thrive In Chaos” Audio which covers the grounding principles you’ll need to know to start thriving today.

And, “Laugh With Me” Audio which are short stories of wackiness, zaniness and craziness we’ve experienced over that past many years. Seriously, it will make you laugh – and maybe some of this has happened to you.

And a free copy of our 242 page book to download.

P.S. If after starting our program you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund and keep the audio programs and our book – we’ll call it a free gift.

Once you get started, you’ll immediately have access to 2 free “Insider Videos” where we’ll cover the ground rules of how our program works and the “First Lesson” along with a worksheet you can print off and complete.

Each week following, a new series of lessons will be sent to you (including new worksheets). Each and every week.

But don’t worry, the lessons are not some complicated, un-doable task. (We hate that) Each lesson is no more than 15 minutes long (we know you don’t have a lot of time) that is concise and simple to follow and EASY to implement.

It’s so easy, even my 9 year old twins do them.


It is our mission to teach you strategies and techniques and principles that you can actually IMPLEMENT so that you can start to lower stress in your home immediately. Just like the families above.

THAT’S what this program is about. LOWERING STRESS. That’s it! Nothing else.

We want for you what we have.

A happy THRIVING family that has learned to lower stress AS we raise our kids on the spectrum.


If THAT’S what YOU want for your family, start today.

If you’re tired of living with all the stress, we can help you solve it.

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and get started today.