Part 1: What Do You REALLY Want For Your Family?

Hi everybody, This is Kyle Jetsel with Thrive In Chaos.

If you’re a parent of a child on the autism spectrum and you’ve ever wondered… will I EVER be able to have the kind of family I envisioned?… Or, if you’ve ever thought, is there even a way to remove the stress and lower the tension and EVEN IMAGINE a family where autism and all that go with it DON’T dominate our families lives and the way we live it?

Then you’re in the right place.

Ever had any of these thoughts? Or thoughts like…

This isn’t what I signed up for. I don’t think I can take this anymore. Will we ever have a normal life? I’m SO exhausted, I don’t think I can live like this anymore. I need a break or I just might crack. No one understands, there’s no end to what I’ll have to do.

Have you ever had any of those thoughts. Yep, us too.

Well, believe it or not, in these videos I’m going to share with you a powerful yet simple way to Create a whole new, better life and THRIVE in Chaos as you raise your kids on the autism spectrum

Sound unbelievable? Are you skeptical? Good. I’d be skeptical, too. But if you’ll stay with us and follow the directions we’re going to give you on these videos, you’ll agree it’s not only possible, but probable, but only IF… you can follow the directions we give you.

Now, we’re going to move quickly so pay attention, and lets’ get started.

You see, we created these videos to answer one big question. And that question is this.

IS it even possible – as you’re raising a child on the spectrum – to remove the REALLY HARD, Low, Low’s that seem to be so common… and have a happy family, where everyone WANTS to be around because of the fun and joy that that’s there?

Is that even possible?

Well, if you’ll stick with us, and watch these videos you’re going to discover some amazing answers to that question.

What I want to share with you right now is the step by step game plan for restoring happiness and creating a whole new, better life. It’s what we’re talking about here

I mean, this is what WE did as a family.

You see, there was a time when we were in SERIOUS trouble as a family.

There was a time when it was SO hard we (my wife and I) were sure our family was going to fail. We were arguing way too much, our typical kids were struggling with feelings of neglect and – well, frankly… we were in a terrible downward spiral. I’ve heard that the stress and tension in an autism home can equal that of a combat soldier. Now, I’ve never been in combat, but I have never felt the kind of tension and stress our family was struggling with.

I remember one Saturday there was a 4 hour meltdown with one of my sons on the autism spectrum. You know the kind, right? There were holes kicked in walls, my son had smashed his head through a window and my 2 older “typical” sons were hiding and simply afraid. Well, because of the stress, it caused my wife and I to get in to an argument (a real bad one) You know, we want to blame someone and sometimes we take our stress out unfairly on each other. I’m sure in retrospect, that’s what was happening.

Anyway, after arguing with my wife for way too long, I walked out of the house – just to cool off – and as I walked around fuming with frustration, I thought…

“This isn’t what I signed up for.” I was furious, I was Hurt I was discouraged, my family was falling apart, my relationship with my wife was in bad shape, my relationship with my typical kids was in bad shape. My life was a mess. I was lost with no guidance; no direction and the future looked BLEAK at best. As a family we had hit ROCK-BOTTOM.

Sound familiar? Have you ever felt anything like that? It’s horrible. You can’t eat, you have a knot in your stomach, you feel sick, you don’t know what to do, you’ve got nowhere to turn, it seems NO ONE can understand.

So at that moment, I walked over to a big ole Pecan tree, fell to my knees in prayer and plead with God to help me.

After a lot of prayer and quite a few tears, I walked in to my wife and apologized and said, “This is not what I signed up for when we got married.”

When she said it back to me I remember we decided right then and there that we were going to commit to each other – and ALL our kids – to try and solve it forever. We couldn’t keep living like this. We knew it would be the END of our family if we didn’t do SOMETHING. We didn’t know how or what to do, but we were committed to doing SOMETHING.

Now, I know that saying we’ve solved it might sound crazy to you but we’re living proof that it’s not only possible…. But probable if you follow the system we developed.

And we know it’s probable because other families are doing what we did, too.

WE WISH we could express to you what it means to OUR family when we see others THRIVE like we are. You know, it’s ONE thing for US to be happy and thriving and enjoying our lives and living the dream we wanted for our family, but when we see other families living their dream of a happy family our heads explode.

To see families just like yours who went from (not knowing what to do) to experiencing more joy and happiness than they thought was possible is why we do this. It’s incredible. It’s overwhelming. And it’s the MISSION of OUR FAMILY.

So if that sounds good to you let me start by asking you this.

What do YOU really want for your family? REALLY?

And I’m NOT talking about just getting along… or to stop fighting so much… or just a little less tension or simply COPING better.

If you had to go back to when you first stared your family what did you DREAM was possible?

I remember when my wife and I first got married we decided we were going to work hard to create a home where happiness and love and laughter was the rule of the day. We wanted to create a place where WE wanted to be, where the whole family loved each other and treated each other kindly. We wanted… well, you know, what we ALL wanted.

Then… when we had our first two sons we committed to working hard to do that and were having some success. Our home was a place of happiness and fun.

Then our #3 some came along and we thought we had lost ALL ability to parent properly.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Autism. And ALL the uncertainty and stress that comes with it.

There was screaming like we’d never imagined, everybody yelling at everybody, tension, no sleep, frustration. You remember when I described it earlier, right? We were in trouble. I mean, The Crap Hit The Fan. Seriously, I mean literally.

Literally… One of my two sons on the spectrum was occasionally a POOP smearer and one time he – well, he put it on the fan. “The CRAP literally hit the fan.”

I’m poking fun here – but it wasn’t funny at the time. It was SERIOUS stuff. You know what I’m talking about, right?

All our work went down the tubes and our dream of a happy, fun family was GONE. And I mean Gone!

Sound familiar to you? I’ll bet you may have had a similar experience, huh?

But let’s step away from the bad stuff. Let’s go WAY back BEFORE all that. It’s hard to remember but try.

Can you remember it? Can you remember the dream you had for your family? Now I want you to REALLY think about it and re-live what you IMAGINED was possible.

Maybe it’s your wedding day. Maybe it was the birth of your child. Whatever you DREAMED was possible for YOUR family. Can you remember?

Got it? Good.

Now, think about for a moment. Really… Think about it.

The reason I had you do that is because on these videos, I want to show you how – with some commitment from you – we can make that DREAM a reality for YOUR family… EVEN AS you raise your kids on the spectrum. Just like We have.

Let’s talk about how we can make that happen together for YOU.

What you need to know is that everything I’m going to share with you now is SO different than anything you’ve ever heard. I’ve searched ALL OVER and what we’re going to talk about does not exist anywhere else. A PROVEN recipe (if you will) that if you’ll follow the recipe you’ll get the same results WE and so many others have gotten.

Now this particular recipe has a few simple steps that are vital if you want YOUR family dream to be a reality

So we’re going to talk about the first couple of steps in this video and the other steps in the other videos.

So the first step is a simple “mindset” step.

“You’ve got to believe it’s possible.”

Now, I know that sounds a bit cliche but stay with me and you’ll get it.

You see, way too many have just decided their lives now… will FOREVER be a roller-coaster of simple things making them very happy and then crashing down the other side of the roller-coaster in to tension and stress filled family situations.

I remember the first time my oldest son on the spectrum told his Mom, “I love you.” He was 6 years old and I helped him slowly get the words out, but my wife and I almost lost our minds we were SO proud. Together, we cried for hours. We were at the peak. But it didn’t last long.

2 days later, he smashed his head through a plate glass window during a massive meltdown and as I held him still for stitches, I could barely remember how good that event felt. That Roller Coaster peak was a distorted memory.

The LOW valley of the meltdown was the dominant memory.

Or the day (when he was 9) we FINALLY, potty-trained him. Seriously, NINE years old! At the time we had a 9 year old and a 7 year-old on the spectrum in diapers and twin babies in diapers. It seemed like we were constantly surrounded by poop, so this was a life changing event for my wife and I and our family.

Less than a week later, he made a violent run at me and tried to seriously hurt me. Gone was the joy of the fact that he was potty-trained, replaced by the Low, LOW valley of an angry son trying to hurt me and my wife.

We understand what it’s like. We have LIVED it. WE believed it was NOT our future and you can believe it’s NOT your future, too

It’s kind of like the secret sauce to what we do in everything in life, isn’t it?

If you’re indecisive or you can’t IMAGINE and BELIEVE what your family can be like, what you dreamed about, you’ve already lost. If your “family story” is and always will be one of defeat and struggle and poor me… this isn’t for you. But I’m guessing that’s NOT you because you wouldn’t even be here right now. You want to BELIEVE it’s possible… and YOU are one of the very few that have taken action by being here. We love that.

Now this might sound obvious to you, but you’d be surprised how many just can’t see it. You and I know, they’ll be stuck on the crazy ride forever.

You know that we all need to BELIEVE and be coach-able and willing to invest in our dreams for them to become a reality.

So, now that we’ve covered that, the next thing we need to understand is we’ve got to be willing to TRY.

Listen, you can go to google if you want INFORMATION, but we’re talking about TRANSFORMATION here. Transforming your family’s life in to what you wanted when you started your journey. THAT’S what we’re talking about here.

Not a book you can read that when you’re done you’ll say, “great book, now what do I do?”

We’re talking about a recipe. You don’t open a recipe book to READ. You open it to COOK. We’re going to be cooking and if you’re not willing to roll and stir…and bake… basically “TRY”… this won’t work for you.

Here’s the good news. We’re not going to just TELL you what to do. We’re not even going to SHOW you what to do. We’re going to hold your hand while you measure the flower, while you add the water, while you roll out the dough and pre-heat the oven.

This is drastically different than anything you’ve ever seen before. We are there with you every step of the way.

Imagine that? THAT’S how much we care. We’re committed.

I remember one time when I was working with Rich and Nancy and we talked through… like – 20 scenarios in a row – to help us come to a plan for what we’d do next. When we were done I looked at the clock and it was 1am.

The next day, Rich texted me and said, sorry we kept you up so late, but thanks SO much for sticking with us till we were done. Then I read something in the text that made my eyes water. “You care about our happiness, don’t you?”

Heck yeah, I care. That’s why we do this. We want to see YOUR family as happy as ours. We know what it means to struggle. We feel it when you’re discouraged or frustrated or concerned because we understand. WE REALLY understand.

Remember the dream you have for your family that we talked about earlier?

Remember what you recalled when you thought back to what you REALLY want?

That’s what’s important to focus on here. That’s what we’re ALL after, right?

So, that’s what we’ll be talking about HOW to get on the next video. So click on video #2 and let’s get started. We’ll see you on the next video.


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