Part 4: Putting It All Together

Hey it’s Kyle again with Thrive In Chaos.

So this on this video we’re going to put all the pieces together with you.

In the first 3 videos, we talked about some pretty revolutionary stuff so far so if you haven’t watched the other three videos in this series then please watch them now.

That way, you can be thinking rationally since we’ve accomplished a lot together already.

So, let’s quickly recap.

In the first video we talked about belief and the dream you HAD for your family and why it’s SO important to KNOW you can get off that autism roller –coaster.

In the second video we covered what you can do NOW to restore happiness in your home and make your family DREAM a reality… and how much we care that you get what you deserve. We hope we’ve helped GROW your belief to a point where you feel even MORE confident that it can be done… and done quickly and easily.

Then in video 3 we shared with you details about OUR family and our AHA moment where WE realized we were doing it. We were ACTUALLY THRIVING; we were LIVING the dream we had for our family when we first got married – even as we raised 6 kids (with 2 on the autism spectrum) and we want you to know you can do it too.

Now, when you put this all together you actually have something really special.

A proven to work, easy, step by step game plan for building a whole new, better life for your family. It makes your family the one where the kids, the spouses, everyone feels happy and loved and cared about and they all want to be there. It makes your family the one you DREAMED you’d create. It makes your family the one that others look at and say, “they’re so lucky.” Even though you know LUCK’S got NOTHING to do with it.

Then, you can JOIN US and make an amazing contribution to the world by sharing what you KNOW. We need partner’s like you for this message to spread.

So, of all the videos I’ve shared with you so far this one is going to be the most critical for you to pay attention to.

Because as far as YOUR FAMILY is concerned this is where the rubber meets the road.

In THIS video I want to walk you through how YOU can start to put these ideas to work in your family RIGHT AWAY. I want you to understand how to THRIVE without the frustration and overwhelm you may have been struggling with.

Like Jim’s family, who applied one technique we’d taught them him and was happier and felt like he was a better person, because he had triggered himself in to a more patient state when his 8 year-old with autism wouldn’t let him put on his shoes. Or Wendy, who called me after the first week we worked together to express to me that she had experienced her “best week ever” with her Son with Asperger’s. And her son had even mentioned to her that he felt like their relationship was getting better. Sometimes just one little change can have a dramatic effect on people’s lives.

What’s interesting about Wendy was she didn’t really have the belief when she started with us. She doubted herself. She doubted what she was doing. But she was in such dire need that she didn’t care. She followed directions and TRIED and it worked.

Her beliefs about what was REALLY possible for her family were transformed… and quickly. Her feelings about what was possible for her family were radically changed.

When we first talked she thought I was crazy, but she took a leap of faith for her family and for herself.

Now this happened because she began to believe in herself and it was WORTH IT to her family’s happiness and she was willing to do whatever it took to get her hands on a proven system that she could act upon immediately.

And back to Jim. Jim had tried and tried to FIND the right way to restore his family’s happiness. They, like us, were tired of the autism roller-coaster and he had WORKED SO hard to solve their issues with little to NO success. Until he plugged in to Thrive In Chaos.

Helping families, like Jim’s and Wendy’s and so many others has been so much fun and SO fulfilling.

Are you the NEXT family? We hope so.

You know, sometimes I wonder why EVERYONE isn’t getting the kind of success like Jim and Wendy and so many others? And that’s a VERY important question to ask because any time you can learn from other peoples experience rather than having to go through all the struggle yourself it’s a good thing, right? But you already know that.

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If someone else has paid the price … someone else has gone through the struggle to figure out a system that works… you want to just plug right in.

And that’s the dirty little secret you need to KNOW. No one else can even CLAIM to do what we do for families. Sure, they say they can help. But help? We need more than that. We need results… and as fast as possible.

You know, when we first started this journey of trying to restore the happiness in our home. We had NO idea what we were doing. But we did know one thing. We knew what we wanted, we were willing to takes MASSIVE action – and do whatever it took… and we KNEW we would make mistakes so we were willing to adjust as we went along.

Seriously, we know no one else is doing this because like I mentioned before, we’ve spent more money than you can imagine on different programs, trainings, therapies, you name it – we were willing to try it. And we went to the BEST out there. Sure, we learned a bit at each step and we’d do it all over again, but no one could REALLY deliver what we needed.

We needed results fast, we needed it to be easy and we needed it to STICK.

We’ve had some great mentors along the way – and we can’t thank them enough but they could only give us small pieces – noboby could put the whole puzzle together and make it a step-by-step system we could follow.

Contrast THAT to the first time we shared OUR Thrive In Chaos system with a local family and watched as their lives TRANSFORMED almost overnight. We knew right then, we were on to something incredible.

We believe we have the only program that can empower you and your family to restore that DREAM you had for your family when you started your journey. Oh, yeah, and it was built by an ACTUAL THRIVING Autism family.

Listen, If you’re STILL on the Autism Roller Coaster and you’ve worked hard and tried a lot of other things, it’s probably because no other option out there has the three things YOU need to succeed.

No one else teaches a simple, proven, fast-to-results, process… that is a step by step system and not a grab bag of options. No one else can even CLAIM they can show you step by step.

Even the doctors, the therapist, the experts with the PHD’s and the titles that are longer than their names have not been able to simplify their knowledge and expertise down to a step by step process that they can teach you and it works consistently. Even IF (and most don’t) even IF they have kids on the spectrum and understand your unique needs like we do.

Another reason they can’t even CLAIM to do what we do is that once they teach you something out of their grab bag… they don’t HELP you execute what they’ve taught you. They don’t hold your hand THROUGH the implementation to ensure you understand HOW to implement. You need personal one-on-one help to execute.

I remember one time I was talking to Kyra and she said to me, I’ve spent THOUSANDS on family therapy and they all tell me WHAT I should do. I KNOW… WHAT I should do… but NONE of them can tell me HOW. You not only tell us HOW, you walk us through it and hold our hands so we can ACTUALLY DO it.

And you help us with our mindset and help us understand the WHY.

And Kyra’s right. That’s the third thing you need to be successful. You need a program where they help you with your mindset.

Listen. We’re all human beings. We all have freak-outs. We all can all get discouraged. We all have times when we get totally stressed out and we just feel like we can’t go on.

So you and your family need help with your mindset. If you’re like most of the families we help, you know a lot of the time you have doubts just like Wendy did. You need someone willing and able… and READY… to help you overcome those things that are SO real in our lives.

We DESIGNED the Thrive in Chaos program to do all of those three things for you.

After we talk and together we get complete clarity on your situation, we create for you a step by step (Customized) system. Then we hold your hand as you IMPLEMENT each step. We’re there for you every step of the way. And we also help you get UNSTUCK when you have those difficult times.

You don’t want to just LEARN stuff, you want your family’s life to be measurably, dramatically better. If we just taught you the principles and then said, Go get em, Tiger… you’d probably never achieve the results WE want for you – or YOU want for you.

If not enough that you know WHAT you should do. We ensure you know HOW and then we’re extremely hands-on so that we make sure you’re getting the results. We’re getting to know your situation, your family, what makes you tick and what you need specifically to succeed on the highest level.

Like it or not, we hold you accountable. We keep you focused. If it’s the right thing to do, we actually might kick your butt a little bit so you actually take action to get some results.

You know, when we first started working with families, I realized very quickly that the best system in the world is limited in its effect if nobody is there to help us through fear and procrastination and self-doubt. You’re never going to follow it.

That’s when I became super-involved personally with EVERY FAMILY to help you stay focused and on track.

I hope you can envision what I’m talking about here. I hope you can imagine what it looks like when you have all of the pieces in place – you’ve stepped up – you’ve gotten the help that you need and now you are watching as your family is growing in to a whole new… BETTER life; the life you DREAMED for your family; the life you want and deserve to be living.

No more Autism Roller Coaster. No more just COPING. No more walking around on egg-shells just trying to avoid the next meltdown. No more overwhelming tension and stress in your home.

ALL of that REPLACED by a happy place where ALL the family wants to be.

You know, there’s nothing much worse than working so hard… but having the thing that matters the most… our family lives – the happiness we feel in our homes… seem like so much of a struggle due to circumstances beyond our control.

We’re here to tell you that with some help and a PLAN… together WE can solve it. We can REMOVE the stress and tension, bring in more joy and make our homes a place where EVERYONE wants to be.

Then, you can join US in spreading the “Thrive In Chaos” message to the rest of the world by showing them YOUR family. Displaying to the world what’s not only possible… but probable… if they plug in to the THRIVE IN CHAOS system.

If you’re feeling like I’m SINGING to the heavens… about the difference we can make in this world for families raising kids on the autism spectrum… it’s because I AM. You caught me. That’s what we live for. That’s why we’re on this earth. To SHOW you a picture of what can be… and then give you a program that will help you get there.

Now, I will warn you, there are a few big TRAPS you’ll need to avoid.

You see, a lot of people can DREAM about what they want in their families, but you know what? A lot of people don’t actually create those outcomes. A lot of people struggle because there are three big giant traps that you need to avoid if you want to create the life you want.

And if you fall into any of them… then this big beautiful amazing future is a sleepy dream.

The first trap you can fall in to is to believe that you’re not good enough.

Let me tell you something right now. You don’t need to be certified. You don’t need a phd or a degree. If you’re willing to follow directions and plug in you’re ready to start THRIVING as a family NOW.

I mean, you’re already working as hard as humanly possible, why not start to THRIVE for all your efforts?

Right now, there are others out there that AREN’T even working as hard as you but who are getting GREAT results because they’re doing the “right” things.

You can do it, too. You are good enough and more than capable of getting great results.

The second trap you can fall in to is not being willing to invest in yourself and your family.

You probably already know this because you too… have probably already spent a small fortune like we did on things that didn’t necessarily work for you.

All the success stories that we’ve shared you in these videos and all of the others THRIVING… they ALL have one thing in common. They stepped up and invested in themselves to create a better life.

I’ll never forget when we first wrote our book and went and did a presentation. We were So excited that afterwards we gave away 30 books to attendees if they’d give us their names and phone numbers. After 2 weeks we went back and called them all and learned – to our dismay – that only 1 of 30 had actually started reading it.

Contrast THAT to the next presentation we did where we SOLD (for 20 dollars each) 30 books to attendees and called them back after 2 weeks and learned 27 of the 30 had actually READ the book and 24 could give us specific examples of applying a principle and getting a life-transforming result.

It’s true.

We don’t value what we don’t invest in.

And the 3rd trap that can get you is trying to do all of this by yourself.

Way too many people are stuck. They’ve tried all kinds of different things with little to no success. It’s NOT because you don’t put forth a great effort. It’s NOT because you don’t care. It’s NOT even that you are unwilling to fully commit.

It’s because you’ve been “let down” by all those who were supposed to be helping you. It’s because you haven’t been given a step by step easy to implement system built by and proven through the successes of so many Autism families just like yours. And you’ve been let down by those who WON’T and CAN’T take the time to work directly with you to ensure you understand and implement what you’re learning in real-time.

That’s what autism families REALLY need. And that what we give you because it’s what WE DO.

But only if you’re willing to step up and commit to yourself and your family and let us help you create the life you want… the life you dreamed about… and the life you deserve.

You have to remember those powerful reasons why it’s a must for you and if you want this and want it now… then you’ve got to reach out and get the help you need now.

If there’s one thing I hope you take away from these videos it’s that YES, you CAN get off the Autism roller coaster, you CAN restore the happiness in your home and you can create a whole new better life for you and your family.

And you can do all this starting today.

Now, I’ve only been able to give you a basic overview but if you’re a person of vision if you’re someone who believes that you really can create a better life then I know that your mind is probably buzzing with possibilities right now but here’s the thing.

Possibilities are not enough. It’s up to you to make this real and you know that’s true because success – especially life changing success doesn’t just happen. You need a plan and a step-by-step system to follow. And you need someone there to guide you and support you and hold you accountable. The fastest way to get those results is just to get help from people that are already getting those results every single day.

I believe there are moments when God kind of taps us on the shoulder and gives us a glimpse of a better life.

For OUR family so for me that was that day under the big ole pecan tree when my wife and I had had ENOUGH. The tension and stress was SO bad, that I thought there was NO WAY we’d EVER see the kind of happiness we dreamed about as a family. The dream for me… was dead.

That was the day for us and our family and I’m SO GLAD WE took action.

So right now you have a choice to make.

If you’ve watched OUR family at all you’ve SEEN what we’re talking about works. You’ve seen a glimpse of a better life for YOUR family.

Now, you can turn away from your vision and your dream, you can turn away from the happiness and you can hang on to the autism roller coaster and make up some reason and decide it’s not possible.

Or you can do what OUR family did and so many others have done since then. You can take that vision and you can decide to make it happen and make it real. You can step up and make your vision and your dream for your family a reality.

You can start THRIVING… WITH us.

If that’s what you want then here’s what I’ll do for you. I’ll set aside some time and talk to you, personally.

We’re going to spend a half hour to an hour on the phone where we’ll get crystal clear on a few things.

  • First, what your REALLY looking to get out of THRIVE In Chaos.
  • Second, if it’s a good fit for you and your family.
  • And finally, we’ll clarify ANY questions you may have.

Hey, every single family is different so IF it WON’T work for you we should agree on that… and part as friends.

But if you REALLY want to make these things happen for you and your family, we’ve got to get in there with you and REALLY understand with complete clarity what’s happening in YOUR life… TOGETHER… and we’re willing to do that with you.

But here’s the thing.

This is not for everybody so If you’re NOT teachable, then this isn’t for you.

We’ll ONLY spend time with those who are teachable and willing to follow the steps… and believe. If that’s you, fantastic, click the link and let’s talk.

And this ISN’T for you if you’re not COMMITTED. If you’re NOT committed to REALLY wanting to THRIVE, we can’t help you.

We LOVE it when families challenge what we do, we actually encourage that for clarity. But if you are not willing to ACT on what we discuss and share, don’t do this. You’re not ready.

But if you’re okay with that, click the link and schedule a call.

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

But I will warn you. There is a catch.

My calendar fills up fast. I can only talk with SO many families and hundreds watch these videos so do it right now – click on the link below and request a call and hopefully I’ve still got time to chat with you.

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

If not, I’m really sorry.

So to book a call… click the link and just request a time for a call.

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

If you’re finally ready to escape the autism roller coaster PLEASE reach out to us and FINALLY rid your family of all the stress and tension and frustration that is overwhelming in your home. You DON’T have to live like that anymore.

That’s why we’re here. That’s what we do EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s our mission.

Hey, thanks again for hanging in with me through this video course. I hope that you learned a lot and most importantly I hope you’re ready to commit to your families happiness. That’s what we want for you and your family. SO BAD! We would love to help you do it so click the link below this video and we’ll talk soon.

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

May God bless you and your family.


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