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Kyle (The Happy Autism Dad)




P.S.  Still reading? Then here you go —

Why is it so tough to step out of our comfort zone and try new things? Especially when we THINK it could be GREAT for us.

I’m not even talking about “the big stuff” like changing careers, moving into a new house, or committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Changes as simple as trying a new meal other than your “go-to” at your favorite restaurant or switching brands of toothpaste can often feel WAY harder than they should. Even if those change could be more beneficial than what you’re currently doing.

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So, what’s the reason we’re often “stuck in neutral” when considering trying something new?

It’s the unconscious part of our brain.

Our unconsciousness is the cunning area of gray matter that makes decisions FOR us, without our input. It’s hardwired to protect us from making bad choices.

So when we consider trying something we’ve never done before, that doubting inner voice (aka our unconsciousness) chimes in and says, “What if this new thing doesn’t work? You should stick with what you’re currently doing. You’ll be safe that way!”

Sometimes, our doubting inner voice is right. (Like in early 2001 when it told me not to buy Enron stock.)

But other times, telling our inner voice to shut up and get out of the way pays off. BIG TIME.

Joining our “Thrive In Chaos Insiders Video Club” is one of those instances.

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Don’t get me wrong. Your doubting inner voice is justified in throwing up a red flag anytime someone says they can help you lower stress AS you raise your kids on the autism spectrum. I get it.

After all, you’ve probably spent way too much time and too much money working as hard as “crap” already TRYING to do that. And you may have even been ripped off by some that told you they could help.

But joining us an an INSIDER isn’t your therapists… or experts… or specialists way of doing anything. On a scale of 1 to 10, the “danger” factor for you with us is absolute zero.

That’s because…

If you don’t like it right away… if you don’t start seeing results… then you CANCEL and get to KEEP two (2) 70 minute audio programs and a copy of our book – we’ll call it a gift (a gift worth $57) and you’re out.

You pay only for results… and by results, we mean, LOWERED STRESS.


You can quit WHENEVER you want.

You’re completely PROTECTED if what we’re doing doesn’t work for you in your family.

There is literally more risk involved in switching brands of toothpaste.

(After all, if the new toothpaste tastes like bleach and battery acid, you’re out $1.89. – sure you get to keep the ALMOST full tube – but… pffft!)

Not only that, but this is the lowest-price ever, quickest and most reliable way to see for yourself if it’ll work… for you… in YOUR home.

Yes, really. Pinky swear.

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P.S.S. STILL READING?! You need more? Okay, then here you go —

If you’re worried about this being too hard or that it won’t work for you, we understand. That’s what Lauren said, too. Until… she simply started. Then this…

As you can see, YOU CAN DO THIS!

I mean, you’re already working as hard as humanly possible, why not start to LOWER STRESS for all your efforts?

Right now, there are others out there that AREN’T even working as hard as you but who are getting GREAT results because they’re doing the “right” things.

You can do it, too. You are good enough and more than capable of getting great results.

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P.S.S.S. STILL READING!? That’s it – I got no more for you. Except for maybe THIS. Here you go —

Way too many people are stuck. They’ve tried all kinds of different things with little to no success.

It’s NOT because you don’t put forth a great effort. It’s NOT because you don’t care. It’s NOT even that you are unwilling to fully commit.

It’s because you’ve been “let down” by all those who were supposed to be helping you. It’s because you haven’t been given a step by step easy to implement system built by and proven through the successes of so many Autism families just like yours.

And you’ve been let down by those who WON’T and CAN’T take the time to work with you to ensure you understand and implement what you’re learning in real-time.

That’s what we REALLY need. And that’s what we give you because it’s what WE DO.

But only if you’re willing to step up and commit to yourself and your family and let us help you create the life you want… and the life you deserve.

You have to remember those powerful reasons why it’s a must for you and if you want this and want it now… then you’ve got to reach out and get the help you need now.

We suggest… we plead… we’re begging you to do this now.

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P.S.S.S.S. I can go on forever, but if you haven’t decided by now…