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It seems you’re ready to “Thrive In Chaos” AS you raise your kids on the autism spectrum? We’re here to help.

Laugh With Me eBook.We were in trouble as a family. Then we had an idea. Why not document the wacky, zany and silly stuff that happens when two little boys on the spectrum have no fear of rejection or retribution. Laughter became a powerful medicine in our recovery. Over 100 pages that will keep you in stitches and let you know you’re not alone…

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Lessons Learned eBook. All of us have experiences that shape us. But do these events make us stronger… or weaker? Do they build us up… or tear us down? This guide will help you understand that what you “take away” from hard events in your life… can help you, or hinder you… as you raise your kids on the spectrum…

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Energy Hacks Video and Worksheet.We were exhausted. Raising two sons on the autism spectrum was a “more than” a full-time job. But having NOTHING LEFT for our family was unacceptable. Hear how we developed these “Autism Parenting Energy Hacks” to help us get back the life we wanted… and the life our family deserved…

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Ask the Happy Autism Brother.  Where “typical son, Alek” will answer a few questions about growing up with 2 brothers on the spectrum.

How can parents help their typical kids feel loved and special, too? —  Have you ever been stressed and overwhelmed and how do you handle that? —  Are you ever scared for the future? Having to “take care” of your brothers once your parents are gone? —  My typical child and ASD child are not connecting. How do I help them connect so they love each other?  —  Alek pulls no punches. Get ready.

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At 17 eBook. How can we ensure our “typical kids” get the love and the attention… and grow to love, respect and value their siblings on the autism spectrum? Alek (our oldest “typical” son) shares insights in to what you can do TODAY as a parent to equip them for success. Oh, and it’s not what you may think.

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Parenting With Purpose eBook – Our story… and the “three secrets” we discovered that became a GUIDE for parents raising kids on the spectrum who want to lower stress, increase happiness and give their kids the very best chance to ACHIEVE THEIR FULL POTENTIAL… without spending a single penny on doctors, therapists and autism “experts.”

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4 Autism Dads Video + Worksheet Training – What to know what you can do today to help your wife and kids (both typical and ASD) increase their happiness? It’s not as hard as you might think. And you can start today.

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You get the…

3 Questions 1 Strategy Formula – Video & Worksheet. Can one formula be the answer to every problem? The answer is YES, and it was proven at an Autism Conference where parents AND experts ALL agreed. This formula will change your life… and the life of your child on the spectrum… IF, you allow it…

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One last thing…

I’ll never forget the day I came home from work and my wife was in tears. But NOT because WE were struggling…

But because she saw that ANOTHER family was struggling.

You see, typically, I’m the one that handles emails and requests.

But THIS time – SHE saw a mom that was struggling. And it tugged at her heart. Why? Because SHE’D LIVED IT!

“You’ve got to do more” she said…

“I’ve written books; I’ve done seminars; I’ve spoken to groups at autism conferences; I’ve done (literally) THOUSAND’S of online videos. What else can I do?” I asked.

She replied – with a REAL SERIOUS, tear covered face, “I don’t care – help them on a higher level. Help them get what we have.”

Well, they can’t sit in on our family meetings.

“Why not?” she defiantly said. “Make it happen.”

Well, here’s the good news… Because we documented what we did (AS we did it) — in our family meetings… NOW… we can share it with you.

You see, at that time… one of the problems we had was we had a bit of trouble APPLYING all the knowledge at our fingertips.

So, we started having weekly meetings as a family where we discussed a principle strategy, filled out a one page worksheet and then made THAT our weekly focus.

Week after week we did this. Some stuff worked great… some not so great and we threw it out. But what we discovered was that focusing on one principle strategy at a time for a whole week helped us to internalize the information… and more importantly… allowed us to CALL ON and effectively USE that strategy when times got hard… right?

Knowing what to do and being able to do it when it get’s hard are two different things.

Why does that matter to you? Why am I telling you this? Because we DOCUMENTED our efforts and created for you… what we did.

Now, it’s like you’re sitting in on our family meetings (worksheets and all.)

That’s how we’ve built our Insiders Membership club.

So, if you’re REALLY ready to TRANSFORM your family… this is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to do it.

Can you commit to watching a 15 minute video once a week and filling out a worksheet? If so, you, too can start to see a major transformation in YOUR family. Like so many other families already doing it now, you’ll be able to lower stress and increase the happiness in your home – sometimes in as little as 7 days.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.

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70 minute audio program – Laugh with me
70 minute audio program – Thrive in Chaos
copy of my book 242 pages – Thrive in Chaos

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