Part 3: Intimate Details

Hey it’s Kyle again with Thrive In Chaos.

So this is the third video in our mini-workshop so if you haven’t seen the first and second ones, please go back and watch them so you won’t be lost.

So, on the first video we talked about belief and what you REALLY want for your family.

And on the second video we talked about HOW you can do that.

On this video we’re going to share some intimate details about our lives that will make this information REALLY come alive for you.

I know this is video 3 so I should have already introduced our family but it’s never too late, right?

I am Kyle and my wife is Shelly. At the time of this production we have been married for 25 years. We might be in the top 1% of happy marriages BECAUSE of our kids on the spectrum. I’ll explain more about that later, but now I want to introduce you to the rest of our family.

There’s Alek and Zak (the 2 oldest “typical” sons), there’s Erik and Ricky (our 2 sons on the Autism spectrum), and Jack and Chloe (the youngest “typical” twins.)

And I’ll never forget the day we realized (ACCIDENTALLY) that we were THRIVING and we wanted to see other families do it too.

It was when my wife had a “girl’s night in” where she invites her very best friends over for a night of food, fun and silly conversation. My job, when this happens… is to “GET OUT” and take all the kids with me for at least 2 hours – and I’m happy to help out in any way I can. I love my wife.

Usually, I take all 6 of my kids out for the evening and we have a lot of fun, but this time my two oldest boys (who are big helps) had prior plans that they were excited about… so i decided to go it alone with the 4 youngest.

I knew – in advance – that taking Erik (who was 11 at the time) and Ricky (who was 9), my 2 sons affected by autism, and my almost 3 year-old twins, Jack and Chloe, out for the evening – all by myself – would be a bit difficult – so I decided that the local Burger King play land might offer a safe location where they could have fun. But more importantly to me, it seemed it would be a location where I could keep them somewhat corralled – as ALL of them… are runners. I couldn’t have imagined what would happen when we all walked in to the PACKED Burger King play land.

As we got our food and squeezed in to a corner booth – the only one available – the kids flew off in to the playground and seemed to be doing great – UNTIL – a loud screeching noise pierced the air. That’s right… someone had set off the back door alarm. I popped up out of the booth as all my kids made their way towards me with their hands covering each of their little ears. I was a bit confused until Erik – in his broken English said, “NO ERIK!” which usually means he’s guilty of something. And he WAS guilty – as I learned as I heard other kids telling their parents, “That kid did it” as they pointed at Erik.

Needless to say, the other parents in the room glared at me… to silently voice their displeasure with my parenting skills. After asking Erik if he had pressed the bar, he responded with, “No ERIK!” and I knew he didn’t really understand and wasn’t making the connection. So, I kissed him on the head, said, “I love you, go have fun” and sent him back in to the play land. But I DID watch him a little closer. And he initially stayed away from the back door.

But then… the alarm went off again. You know the noise, right? SERIOUS SCREECHING! But Erik was nowhere NEAR the door. But as soon as I saw Ricky running towards me with HIS hands over his ears yelling, “IT WASN’T ME!” I knew it was – especially after all the kids pointed at HIM now. So, I now had a little talk with Ricky kissed him on the head, told him, “I love you… go have fun” and sent him back to play.

Then again, and again, and AGAIN… the alarm was set off by either Erik or Ricky. Each time, I would kiss them on the head, hug them. Snuggle on them, say. “I love you… have FUN” and send them back for more – AND I simply IGNORED the way the other parents were judging me. And you KNOW they were… staring all hatefully and wondering I’m sure… what kind of parent is THAT? You get it, I’m sure.

No kidding, in less than 15 minutes they set off that dang alarm more than 8 times. But each time they did, I started to notice there were fewer and fewer people now in the play land to judge us… as (I GUESS) a loud screeching alarm – SEEMS… to be a room clearer.

I smiled as I watched them play and continue to have fun. As time passed and alarms continued to get “SET OFF” I noticed ALL of the people in the Burger King play land had disappeared… EXCEPT… one family with two boys – and the Dad looked mad. As he approached I got myself ready for what I THOUGHT would be a difficult encounter and maybe even some hateful words exchanged.

Then as he got closer, he did something that totally surprised me. He leaned towards me and said, “Do your two boys have special needs of some kind?”

After I said… “As a matter of fact, they do”, he said, “That… was… awesome!” He then went on to explain that he had a sister with a son affected by autism that would not take him ANYWHERE because of how others treated them when he’d “act different.” He’d seen for himself how his sister would cower, get embarrassed and even leave because of the way others had stared at them. Then he said something that I’ll never forget.

He said, “I LOVED THE WAY YOU HANDLED THOSE OTHER PARENTS! I was watching you. You’re kids know you love them. I can tell they feel loved by the way you managed that situation and talked and kissed them. I saw it. They feel FREE to be themselves.

Hey listen, I have a sister with a son on the spectrum and she won’t take him anywhere any more because of the way she… and he… are judged when he does something unusual.

Could you call my sister and talk to her and show her how to do what’s best for her son and ignore haters? SHE deserves to be able to take her boy out and HE deserves to feel loved – just like I can tell YOUR kids feel loved. Could you call her, please?”

Think about the difference there.

From HIS SISTER, who felt she couldn’t take her son out and was discouraged and felt terrible and stressed, To a family who SHOWS the kids by your ACTIONS that you love them and they feel FREE to be themselves. No matter WHAT’S happening. I wish you could FEEL the love I felt that night. Believe me, you’d pay anything to feel that.

You see, it’s not enough to TELL our kids we love them. We should be ACTING in a way that makes them FEEL that. When we do that, when we create for them an environment where they can SEE happiness and joy modeled… they KNOW THEY are a big part of our happiness. They deserve that. You and your family deserve that.

Is that what you want? Of course it is. That’s obvious. That’s what we ALL want.

But here’s a question that’s not so obvious.

Are you a decisive person? I’m guessing you are. If so, click the link below and schedule a time to talk to me. You won’t be talking to my assistant or my “STAFF” you’ll get me.

But only if you do it soon. As you can imagine I get booked up kind of quick and you don’t want to have to wait, right?

One the call. We’ll cover 3 things:

  • What your REALLY looking to get out of THRIVE In Chaos.
  • If it’s a good fit for you.
  • We’ll Clarify ANY questions you may have.

Hey, every single family is different so IF it WON’T work for you we should agree on that and part as friends. If you REALLY want to make these things happen for you and your family, we’ve got to get in there with you and REALLY understand with complete clarity what’s happening in YOUR life… TOGETHER… and we’re willing to do that with you.

But look, here’s who this is for because it’s not for everybody. We have a few simple requirements because I need to spend my time with those that are really sincere.

Number 1. You have to be teachable. We don’t have time to work with doubters. If you’re going to argue every thing and don’t believe it’s possible we’ll need to spend our time with those who are ready to start to THRIVE immediately

Number 2. You have to be willing to follow the steps we outline – we’ve spent years perfecting this stuff. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Just plug in… and roll.

Number 3. You’ve got to be committed to REALLY wanting to THRIVE for me to help you. We’re okay with others challenging us. We actually encourage that. But if you are not willing to ACT on what we share, don’t do this. You’re not ready.

But if you’ll agree to those simple requirements, click the link and request a call. We’ll call you and talk for 30 minutes and you’ll get total clarity about how these ideas will work for You and YOUR family

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

Now, you may be asking yourself. I wonder if I can do this on my own… and the answer is YES. Sure you can do this on your own. That’s what we did.

But if you do it on your own, you’re probably going to spend – like WE did – WAY too much time making mistakes, way too much time struggling like we did and you’re probably going to do serious damage to your bank account – like we did – and maybe even serious damage to your family.

So why not just REACH out and bypass all that. This is what we do every day – all day long. We LIVE this stuff.

It’s what we do for OUR family, it’s what we do for families that are ready to THRIVE.

It’s our LIFE… and it’s GREAT.

You NEED a happy family… your kids need a happy family… You need to start to THRIVE today, so click on the link and schedule a time to talk to me and start creating the LIFE you DREAMED about.

CLICK HERE to schedule Your Breakthrough Session

I’ll see you in the next video where we’ll put all the pieces together with you.


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