The Greatest Gift

The “Greatest Gift” you can give a friend is the gift of Laughter and Hope for the future.

If you know someone that lives in the world of autism, “Thrive in CHAOS” is the gift they need.

It would be next to impossible to understand how hard it really is. Unless you live in their world, day-in and day-out, it’s very difficult to understand the effort, the dedication and the overwhelming responsibility felt by those who serve others with disabilities.

The book, “Thrive in CHAOS” was written by a father and son specifically for those who are in the middle of the storm. Kyle (Dad) and Alek (oldest brother) chronicle the wacky, the zany and the flat out silly things that happen to their family as they love and care for Erik and Ricky, their 2 boys affected by autism. They also dive deep in to “Tools to Thrive” that help them and teaches others how to manage themselves in a way that results in joy and happiness.

Broken into short, easy to read articles and quips, your friend will laugh out loud, feel inspired and move forward with a hopeful smile.

Buying the book, “Thrive in CHAOS” will be EXACTLY what they need.

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