Thrive in CHAOS

Experiencing Joy and Happiness… WHILE You Serve Those With Special Needs.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”%23F7F0DE” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]Finally… a book that details the JOY, the ZANINESS, and the LAUGHTER that can result from children that have no fear of rejection, retribution and sometimes… no conscience. Not only will you LAUGH OUT LOUD, but you’ll find tools and techniques that will help you THRIVE in all situations.



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Thrive in Chaos





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Read This Book And…

  • You Will Laugh Out Loud

    Looking For and Finding “Joy” During the Day to Day CHAOS of Raising Two Boys Affected by Autism.

    Some of the funny, wacky and zany stories include:

    Shooting The Finger – Accidentally learning how to “flip the bird.”
    Rub Off – Wiping a Religious symbol from a Hindu child’s head.
    Pant’s Down – Pants sliding down the slide… with no child inside.
    Centrifugal OOMPH! – How a belt became a friend’s best birth control.
    And… more than 100 pages of funny, wacky and zany short stories that will raise your spirits, give you a good laugh and let you know you’re not alone.

  • You Will Thrive In CHAOS

    Methods and Techniques to Experiencing “Flourishing Joy” — Even DURING the “Tough” Times.

    Some of the methods and techniques you’ll learn:

    Instant Mood Upgrade – How to change your “state” in an instant.
    Manage Your Mind – Rest and recoup WHILE you work and serve.
    The “GET” Philosophy – If you gotta do it, GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF.
    Especially For Women – Are you successful? Take the test.
    It’s Not What You Think – It’s what you THINK about what you think.
    Live Consciously – “Wake Up” and get better results.

  • You Will Learn From A 17 Year-Old

    A Teenagers View of Joy, Laughter and Hope While Living in a Family With 2 Brothers Affected by Autism.

    Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s fun, always it’s REWARDING:

    How do you make sure ALL children (even the typical ones) get the love and attention they need, when so much time must be spent serving those with disabilities? Alek has the answer. He shares his “4 A’s” of happiness and how he’s adjusted to living in a non-typical family. Alek openly shares his thoughts and feelings and reveals some personal experiences that have shaped his attitude in to one of happiness. Inside you’ll learn what to do to help “typical” children in “non-typical” families THRIVE. 

Buy Now For Only $17.99

Here’s What Others Are Saying About “Thrive in Chaos.”

I had a quick read. Your son (Alek) needs a medal. In a few minutes he has completely refocused me.  – Jay Sedivy

Oh my goodness what an amazing book! I read every word. My 40 year old son is on the spectrum and I needed to read those beautiful words. Total brilliance. Thank you for sharing such beautiful truths with us.  – Marti Lindquist-Cherrie Hurd

Uplifting, inspirational, life-changing stuff; thank you for sharing.  – Elisa Gironda

STUNNING. I can tell you two “live this stuff” everyday and I can see how it has made you two of the happiest people I’ve ever met. You are like the dynamic duo.  – Gwynne McElhinney, MS, CCC-SLP

    Buy Now For Only $17.99

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